About Us

DumbbellsDirect is an online retailer who provides the best prices online for
dumbbells and fitness equipment.  Our goal is to provide a world class
experience as you browse through our online catalog and provide top of the
line customer service at our online shop.

Our business is registered and currently located in Ferndale, MI with
warehouses across the United States. Moreover, we use top notch shipping
distribution services through UPS, FedEx, First Class Priority Mail, and
many other freight carriers.

Since our company’s existence we’ve been able to develop a great
reputation online by carrying the best brands and products in the fitness niche.

Additionally, we have an amazing internal team that’s extremely
excited about not only growing our business but serving the world within
the fitness industry at the highest capacity humanly possible.

If you need any assistance with the details about our products or would like
to check the stock levels of our inventory, feel free to use the “Contact Us”
page and we look forward to helping you!